Friday, December 19, 2008

Without irony

As furtively as wilderness
Abstracts into spring. As despair

Grows in one sick
Beyond hope. The omitted awareness

Of your memory divests
Into the mind today. As

Shadows in the expanse
Of light. The heart makes

Its choices and divorces
The soul. As the sound

Of a flower withering
In darkness. As death in

Life. As bliss is
A trepidation. And fear a

Prerogative. The heart wanders
Looking for pleasure. And then

Pretexts out of misery.
You knew. You did not

Come. With the Parsons
Of morality. I have no

Brawl. I do not
Dissect my life. I have

Good luck.


Sushant said...

Slowly, I think, my understanding of this has enhanced to reach a level of slight gist-assimilation. In some more time, I shall hopefully be able to understand the nuances.

I am said...

there are certain things that are best felt. i choose to feel this piece of brilliant art, that makes most sense!
thank you!

Aarushi said...

Thank you.