Tuesday, December 2, 2008


“They would not remember the simple rules
their friends had taught them,
that a red hot poker will burn you
if you hold it too long;
and that, if you cut your finger
very deeply with a knife,
it usually bleeds.”
-Lewis Carroll

Also, if you wear heels for long periods of time, your feet tend to hurt. Excessive consumption of food can lead to inopportune weight gain. And ofcourse, if you drink from a bottle marked “poison”, sooner or later it will disagree with you. Lewis Carroll was a great man. This is the sum total of the past four days. I am a wiser person now.

I am a happy person. Also, life is boring these days. Apparently, I have an obtuse sense of humour. That is also caustic and also subtle, because most people don’t get it.

Anyway, I am going to go shopping for books with some friends in a week, after the practicals. Caustic. Subtle. Again.

I am enjoying the winter. I miss the monsoon. I see my reflection in the waters of childhood. There is a dreary sea in between. My face feels liquid when I touch it. The remnants of my refection do not want to stay in my palm. They drip. I make tired old ships. They sink in the labouring salt. The reflection is elusive, virtual.

Violins await me at the shore. I linger. I linger.


Sushant said...


It is interesting the entire longing for monsoons, is preceded by a little 'I am enjoying the winter'. I hope you are.

Sooner or later, it's this winter that will take the place of that monsoon, and while that monsoon will remain elusive, it will be deemed more important that this winter doesn't elude us, of all things.

Aarushi said...

Maybe. Hopefully.