Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is what happens when I try my hand at Haiku. Ofcourse, Japanese syllables are Japanese. Not English.

Fend the kingdom of Poseidon
Betide on a chariot of sea-foam
Armour in conch shells.

I am obsessed with the ocean. Because I have never seen it.
Here is another one.

Now, the mirror reflects me
Twenty years ago, my mother was I
It’s a trick of light.

I saw “Dear Frankie” last night. It is an amazing movie. I have flu. Again. There is not much to do except to wait for it to go away.


I am said...

hey, so did !, [[watch dear frankie]]..truly, an awesome movie.
liked it more, because i saw it owing to self-motivation, and not because of my brothers coaxing me to watch a movie.
and the poem, in one go, i could only fell the last two lines. need time! hopefully will get soon.
P.S.: cheers to "'ear Frankie'

Abhineet said...

Read it once, then twice, thrice and so on..... and am still all at sea.... or ocean...

Aarushi said...

It is not a bad idea to watch a movie when your brother tells you to.

Too bad!
Good luck for the exam!

Sushant said...

The second one is crisp ; the first one I didn't get ; I thought the post 'Chasm' was a sequence of haikus too? ; You may like these haiku-sisters

Aarushi said...

I did not have a compositional technique in mind for Chasm. It just so happened.
Triveni is beautiful. Thanks!
Good luck!