Friday, November 7, 2008

The Lizard King

I would never go as far as wearing exhibitionist T-shirts and yet, there is something about him. I keep coming back to him. Again and again. I don’t understand what he did with his life. And why? Why would a man in his quest for the spiritual truth derange his senses? Who was he? A prisoner guised as a free man. A free man pretending to be a prisoner. A trembling difference between the two. And then, I listen to his poetry in motion and everything is forgotten. Everything is granted. Everything falls into place. He is exonerated. There is nothing left to analyze anymore. There is no past. The future is another country, exotic, solemn, a “Spanish Caravan.” The present is a surreal progression to the country of the future in “The Crystal Ship.” He created magic. He was magic. He hypnotized time, transfixed it. Indeed, “the present is now, everything else will be remembered.” Now is beautiful because it will not come back. Now, I listen to him. Soon, his words will be gone and yet, contained in the shape of things to come, in the ocean of his departure that will swim within the four walls of my mind. Now, I listen to him when he says:

“Free fall flow, river flow
On and on it goes
Breathe under water till the end.”


I am said...

his greatest attribute was that he was so porous,so permeable, he was so open, he let everything he felt, smelt, touched, heard, thought, sink in him. this is the most remarkable part of him, that he remained an infant forever,who kept absorbing. he wasnt rigid, he found his death, in search for more, nothing else.
he was great!

Aarushi said...

He was. Two words that say everything...