Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Five years
Went unrecorded
Eclipsed by nothing.

So comforting
To see you
Post life.

To watch you
Open your mouth
Only to close it.

In the end
Even roses
Are bloodstained.

I traveled
Strange Distances

To be
Touched by you

I watch you
On the scrabble board
Caught in a deadlock.

You suffocate
In the ocean
Of words.

Only to make
Your own

I make tea. The year is beginning to forget itself. There is no space between winter and me. The changing light reminds me of...... Nothing. I chide myself. I am too young to be reminded of things. It gets dark so soon. A friend has been asking me to listen to Mozart's Requiem for some time. I put it on. I sit back. It is best to stay in the dark a little longer. A little longer. I close my eyes in order to hear properly like a blind person groping through lobbies of refrain. Like a child struggling with a new expression.