Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tropical oceans-warm and shallow
Full fathom deep.

Melted to hardness
Diamonds reflecting streaks.

Your children, their life
Trophies on your mantelpiece.

The freedom of bronzed tins
Conclaves in the night.

Faith enclosed in your hands
They are joined in a prayer.

Vultures screech
But you have lost the faculty of sight.

"That dolphin torn
That gong-tormented sea."

Ordinarily, I would not have posted something like this on my blog, but, this time I was asked to. I hope that you are happy now, Sayan.


Sayan said...

Brilliant! You outdo yourself, be careful though, you influences are showing...

Sushant said...

Was that too cryptic, or am I too dumb ?

Aarushi said...


Some camouflaged enigmas are best left eclipsed.

I know that you will have noticed the aforementioned line is a pleonasm. It answers your question too.
Btw, you are one of the most perceptive people I know.

Sushant said...

I can't say that about myself, though am naturally happy and thankful to be considered as such!

However, this poem, for me, is like a puzzle I couldn't crack. Either I get it, or I keep on trying to get it deciphered. It is clearly the latter, here. Actually, I did form a mental picture with some crazy analogies and parallels that I drew at the back of my mind, and finally affirmed to myself that I had had it understood/experienced. But then I looked back at the title - 'Plateau', and it occurred to me that my interpretation couldn't be fitted in with that title (even with some more forced parallels thrown in for convenience). I won't tell you what I had interpreted, lest this little perceptive thing about me also vanishes into thin air!

All this to say, an Afterword to this poem would be greatly appreciated.

Aarushi said...

Somethings are made conspicuous by their absence. Sometimes, contrast reinforces similarity. I think that there is no right or wrong in poetry.

It doesn't matter that your interpretation clashes with the title. It was meant to. Maybe, this clash strengthens it. Like plateaus of vicissitude or plateaus of intemperance.

Above all, some camouflaged enigmas are best left eclipsed.