Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lunar recollections

There becomes the earth
Brimming with life
Ebullient. I am its moon
Always mum. I am here
Eccentric, eclipsed.
Sometimes intimate, often far.
Amorphous, circumscribed.
My wonderdust
The shore of its disdain.

I don’t recall having any trouble understanding the law of thermal equilibrium, whilst studying thermodynamics. Now, I know that I was mistaken. After this:

“As I speak he is freezing
my words he will melt them

to listen and listen
to the water of my voice.”
-Agha Shahid Ali


Swayam said...

where do u get all of this from?? beautiful...

Aarushi said...

I got the piece by Agha Shahid Ali online.