Friday, September 5, 2008


It has been a month now. The mid-sems are fast approaching even as I type. I am reading Mein Kamph at the insistence of a friend. It is sermonizing. Radical. I am also reading Eliot. Again. He is my favourite poet. Prufrock is true magic.

I have also started listening to Buckethead and Hendrix. They are strangely addictive.

I feel suspended in time. Everyday is like a new adventure. I meet new people everyday. I have finally made a few friends. Friends who I know will endure. I should write about them.

Pankaj belongs to the tongue-in-cheek school of humour. He is riotous. An off-hand remark in the accompaniment of a casually quaint countenance entails a volcanic explosion of the ha-ha variety. His words of wizdumb will be sorely missed when he goes to nsit post the first semester. He is one of THE funniest people I know. Maybe, it has something to do with going to an all boys school. Yeah, he is from St. Columba's.

Abhranil a.k.a Abs_hotshot is another good friend. Zany, smart but Dan Brown loving. I have coaxed him into reading Saki for now. He is reading it, deciphering it. We are discussing it. The connubial exigencies of wumples the dog notwithstanding. He has gone to nsit now. Thursday was his last day in college. He has promised to meet up with Pankaj and me every Saturday. I will go back to the age old maxim of the days of childhood now: promise breakers are shoemakers.

Sam short for Samdrisht is a wizard. He is also known as God. The terminal christening was done by the seniors for reasons I am not supposed to know because “you-are-not-a-dude.” I will say “thank God for small mercies” to that. The citation of God here is open to interpretations. Amen.

Shreya is going to nsit too! Sob! She is really very sweet. You have to know her to understand what I am saying. She has started studying for the mid-sems too!

Sneha and Abhranil are from the same school (DPS Dwarka). Sneha has become a great friend in a month. We are alike in many ways. We have shared many laughs already. I know that there are more to come.

Then there are Sonali, Nandita, DK, Happy, Sud, Anshu……………… who deserve more than a mention.


Saksham Agarwal said...

Nice post!
Yeah, Sam is GOD, that too with a capital 'G', and it would have been that way, English grammar or not!
Way to go, keep posting!

Saksham Agarwal said...

BTW, your post did, in a way, work as an inspiration for my next one.

Pankaj said...

Avid blog readers..... another post by aarushi another time to brush up your english just before the mid sems.

So couldn't understand some words( I couldn't even pronounce some of them) well don' t panic Help's at Hand.

countenance |ˈkountn-əns|
1 a person's face or facial expression : his impenetrable eyes and inscrutable countenance give little away.
2 support : she was giving her specific

verb |enˈtāl| [ trans. ]
1 involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence : a situation that entails considerable risks.
• Logic have as a logically necessary consequence.

zany |ˈzānē|
adjective ( -nier , -niest )
amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic : zany humor.
an erratic or eccentric person.
• historical a comic performer partnering a clown, whom he imitated in an amusing way.

coax 1 |kōks|
verb [ trans. ]
persuade (someone) gradually or by flattery to do something : the trainees were coaxed into doing hard, boring work | “Come on now,” I coaxed.
• ( coax something from/out of) use such persuasion to obtain something from : we coaxed money out of my father | figurative coaxing more speed from the car.
• manipulate (something) carefully into a particular shape or position : her lovely hair had been coaxed into ringlets.

connubial |kəˈn(y)oōbēəl|
adjective poetic/literary
of or relating to marriage or the relationship of husband and wife; conjugal : their connubial bed.

exigency |ˈeksijənsē; igˈzijənsē|
noun ( pl. -cies)
an urgent need or demand : women worked long hours when the exigencies of the family economy demanded it | he put financial exigency before personal sentiment.

this is getting boring ,more than mp

and by the way the school is St.Columba's. not COLUMBUS. ( thats like DPS becoming Delhi PUBlike School) .

Urban Voodoo said...

okay guys
the secret is out (sadly u guys guessed it)
completion of the trilogy
bruce almighty
evan almighty
now..daddy(aka sam) almighty
i thank you for your support and keep the posts coming.

punk-aj....if you really had to modify pub-like the only thing you could think of???
umm lets see...if columba's is columbus, then dps definitely is delhi pubic school.

are-you-she....wassup..thanks to you i now have another google search result..and the ieee fuckers corrected my spelling (luckily im not samdrish-TIT was bad for business, nobody wants a tit-slit god) this season has been jackpot (in the context of google search results)!!

and suck-some(forgive me, no other rhyming word that edits the name)....whaddup dudette?
whats with the attempted rand de basanti type pic??

Sushant said...

It seems almost all your friends are going to NSIT, and now it also seems all your friends are bloggers too!

Aarushi said...

@Saksham Sir

You just corroborated what I wrote about you. No deja-vu about it. Sorry about the mistake. St. Columba's it is. I know what you mean. Most people in the college who are not from a DPS have a problem with it. I love my school. It is not Delhi Publike School.
St. Columba's was an honest mistake though.

You are beeping too much these days. I'll make sure that DK gives you some beep therapy on Monday.

3 of my friends are going to nsit. My friends are not bloggers though, sadly.

Pankaj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pankaj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Urban Voodoo said...

what the beep?
havnt really beeping used a beep word man!!
come on!!


Aarushi said...

Even your blog is called-you art a heartless bitch. Come on!!!!!!!
Welcome to blogosphere though.

Samdrisht Singh said...

i have a lot of association with "thou art a heartless bitch"..

fyi 'bitch' isnt beep word.okay.

Aarushi said...

Okay, whatever you say. Won't report you to the censor board this time.

Aarushi said...

Knowing you, "thou art a heartless bitch" will be "how I met your mother jargon."

I see thst you have discarded urban voodoo now.