Sunday, August 24, 2008


Three weeks into the college, I should probably write about the same. Except that I still can’t figure out how I feel about it. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times……………” I don’t need to trace the quote’s genesis. Except that everyone says, “These are the best four years of your life. Enjoy them.”
Then there is, “ DCE mein books pado naa pado, notice boards zaroor padhna. Chaar saal class mein baithoge to fight ho jayegi. Ghisu ban jayoge. Believe me, you don’t want to be ghisu.”
The worst probably is, “I have seen you somewhere……………. Are you from xyz public school.”
I speak to some strangers. I introduce them to other strangers as my friends. I read Dilbert in class. Sometimes, I play Sudoku. Sometimes, I listen and wish I hadn’t. I walk a lot. Sometimes, I walk alone. Sometimes, I walk around in circles. I finish practical work early and I walk. The campus is beautiful. And labyrinthine. Sometimes, I don’t know where I am going. Sometimes, I don’t know that I have reached.
Sometimes, I am disappointed. Sometimes, I feel a quiet jubilation. Mostly, I feel ambivalence. Mostly, I don’t know what to say when people ask me how I like the college. Mostly I say that I think that it is really nice. The drainage system IS nice. Delhi has seen an inordinate amount of rain and so, there is one thing that I am sure of.
Sometimes, I sit on the grass and I discuss Pink Floyd, Ayn Rand and Howard Roark with some people. Sometimes, I feel at home. Sometimes, I am at peace. Sometimes.
Tomorrow, I will attend a seminar on “knowledge power in a world of learning.” Hopefully. I sent the paper a day late owing to flu. Horrible flu. I am looking forward to it..........the seminar I mean. Not the flu.


Sushant said...

I always look forward to such seminars, because they spell free-periods.

If you walk a lot, ask someone about the monkey road.

'Ghissu' is a derogatory term for the hardworking, and therefore the high-scoring few. In IIMs and in IIT-lingo they call the same set of people 'Gods', and because the name sounds cool the students there vie to be one. Works opposite here. I wouldn't advocate it any further; I have no right to, actually, being farthest from anything remotely resembling 'Ghissu'. I have been just about managing to pass my papers to be honest, but still what I feel for 'Ghissus' is less ridicule and more respect.

And finally I could effortlessly grasp what you wrote :)

Pankaj said...

its a literary treat...... The drainage system IS nice.

Aarushi said...
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Aarushi said...

@ Sushant
The seminar was fun. We didn't go to class for 2 whole days.

Is the monkey road within the campus?

I totally agree with you about the ghisu situation.

Thanks. The drainage system is the best.

Sushant said...

Yes it is. The thing is, 'don't' go there.

Aarushi said...

I won't. Somebody told me its whereabouts.

aki said...

At a new place you can be anyone whom you want to be. A new person altogether, minus the previous flaws. I personally put that to effect every time.

Aarushi said...

I agree.

Urban Voodoo said...

i need an immediate modification here

change the "i read dilbert in class' to "i read the god-gifted dilbert in class"

no biggie