Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The undersigned forged to college on the day of the lord July, the thirtieth, eight and two thousand. She gave an exhaustive exhibition of her celebrated idiocy by forgetting the corroboration of her domicile for the purpose of the allotment of her quarters. The undersigned was petitioned to make her presence known on the morrow, albeit in the possession of the substantiation. On being channeled to the quarters, her mother lost no time in professing that her lavatory, homeward, was more capacious.

So, I am going back tomorrow with the residence proof. Nani is going to come with me. She wants to see the rooms. It will be soooooooooo exciting!!!!!!! NOT. But, I am looking forward to it at the same time. That’s how amazing life is at the moment. I read the HP series in 10 days flat. This is a record of sorts because from what I can remember, it took me 26 days to do the same during the 10th standard board exams. The 7th book hadn’t even come out then. I have had my eye on an Oscar Wilde omnibus at Crossword for some time, but it is exorbitantly priced. Everytime, I go there I end up buying a Wodehouse which, may I add, is a convenient two hundred. I should learn to save.


Sushant said...

Heh, so are the rooms a pain? Anyway, after you're there you'll probably be more into ebooks, saving you that money you want to save.

Haven't ever read an HP, but from their thick appearance I think I can't finish any one in ten days, let alone all of the series. That sounds phenomenal to me.

You keep a tab on the number of days you take to finish books/series. Interesting.

Aarushi said...

I do read e-books but I prefer hard copies.
I am just stupid that way.

vasu said...

you better should learn to save. contact me if you need tips